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At AA ENT, we believe in the artistry of facial enhancement. As a leading facial plastic surgeon, our commitment goes beyond transforming appearances; we sculpt confidence and unveil the true beauty that lies within. With a delicate blend of precision and innovation, our board-certified surgeon, Professor Ali Al-Hussaini, brings unparalleled expertise to every procedure.

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Dedicated Consultant ENT & Facial Plastic Surgeon in Cardiff

Welcome to AA ENT, your trusted destination for top-tier medical care provided by Professor Al-Hussaini, a distinguished consultant ENT and facial plastic surgeon in Cardiff, South Wales.

With a passion for delivering the highest standards of healthcare, Professor Al-Hussaini brings his wealth of experience to the ...

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Excellence in Ear, Nose, and Throat Care

At AA ENT, we pride ourselves on being the epitome of excellence in the field of ear, nose, and throat (ENT) care. Led by the esteemed consultant ENT and facial plastic surgeon, Professor Al-Hussaini, we have set a standard that surpasses expectations.

Our commitment to excellence begins with our team's expertise ...

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Mastery in Facial Plastic Surgery

When it comes to the art and science of enhancing your natural beauty, trust in nothing less than excellence. At AA ENT, we take immense pride in our commitment to providing the highest standard of care in facial plastic surgery.

Under the experienced hand of Professor Al-Hussaini, a renowned consultant ENT and ...

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Top Treatments


Unlock your dream nose with expert rhinoplasty by Professor Al-Hussaini, a renowned Consultant ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon. Experience holistic facial transformation with artistry and precision, ensuring natural harmony. Explore before-and-after transformations, procedure insights, costs, risks, and recovery tips. From non-surgical options to ethnic and revision rhinoplasty, discover tailored solutions for your unique needs. 

Trust in Professor Al-Hussaini's expertise for world-class results. Begin your journey to nose perfection today with the trusted leader in rhinoplasty excellence.

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Tonsillectomy and Adenotonsillectomy

Discover expert paediatric tonsillectomy and adenotonsillectomy procedures with Professor Al-Hussaini. Specialising in children's ENT care, he offers compassionate solutions for recurrent tonsillitis and upper airway congestion. With tailored treatments, children breathe easier, sleep better, and enjoy vibrant childhoods. Trust in his surgical expertise and personalised approach for effective relief and peace of mind. Contact us today for compassionate paediatric ENT care tailored to your child's needs.

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Embark on a transformative journey with pinnaplasty, or ear pinning surgery, led by Professor Al-Hussaini, an esteemed Consultant ENT and Facial Plastic Surgeon. Experience artful precision enhancing aesthetics and confidence. Beyond reshaping, pinnaplasty harmonizes ears with facial contours, ensuring seamless integration. Expect symmetrical results tailored to your features, boosting self-assurance. Explore pinnaplasty costs, recovery, and risks, alongside captivating before-and-after transformations. Whether surgical or non-surgical, including pediatric options, trust our tailored approach. 

Let Professor Al-Hussaini guide you to naturally beautiful ears, instilling pride and confidence. Begin your journey to ear perfection today with our expert care.

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Rhinoplasty (nose job/ nasal reshaping)

Rhinoplasty, often dubbed as the "nose job," is the artistic finesse of reshaping and refining the nose to harmonise facial features, boosting confidence with every breath. It's the transformative touch-up that sculpts not just the nose but also self-assurance, enhancing both appearance and self-esteem. Welcome to a journey where precision meets beauty, crafting noses that inspire smiles and radiate individuality. 

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Pinnaplasty (otoplasty/ ear pinning surgery)

Professor Al-Hussaini specialises in the art of pinnaplasty, transforming ears to reveal your inner confidence. He combines precision and artistic vision to sculpt beautiful, natural-looking results tailored to your unique features. Whether you seek to correct protruding ears, reshape misshapen ones, or address congenital deformities, Professor Al-Hussaini is here to guide you on your journey to self-assurance. Say goodbye to insecurities and hello to newfound confidence – discover the possibilities today!

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Endolift non-surgical face and neck lift

Revitalise your face and neck with our cutting-edge Face and Neck Endolift. Experience the power of advanced laser technology for a youthful, lifted appearance. Transform your look and boost your confidence with minimal downtime under the expert care of Professor Al-Hussaini.

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Delve into the ultimate guide to rhinoplasty in this comprehensive article. Learn about the intricacies of nose reshaping surgery, from preparation to recovery. Discover the various techniques and considerations involved in achieving your desired nasal aesthetic. Explore the potential benefits, risks, and candidacy factors associated with rhinoplasty. Equip yourself with essential knowledge to make informed decisions and embark on your journey to nasal transformation.

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The Connection Between Nasal Breathing and Enhancing Sleep Quality

Learn how nasal breathing impacts sleep quality in this insightful article. Discover the crucial role of nasal airflow in promoting restful sleep. Explore the link between nasal congestion and sleep disturbances. Find out how improving nasal breathing can lead to better sleep hygiene. Uncover practical tips for enhancing sleep quality through optimized nasal function.

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What Is Pinnaplasty? Everything To Know Before The Procedure

Explore the comprehensive guide to pinnaplasty in this informative article. Learn about the procedure's purpose, process, and potential benefits. Discover what to expect before, during, and after the surgery. Gain insights into candidacy criteria and potential risks associated with pinnaplasty. Empower yourself with essential knowledge to make informed decisions about ear reshaping surgery

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